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Billy Mitchell may be the best classic arcade player in the world. Whether or not his portrayal in ‘The King Of Kong’ was completely accurate or not, it is undeniable that he is a charismatic ambassador for classic gaming. In many ways, he was the forerunner to the professional eSports players that have come to prominence over the past decade. The big difference is that Billy was doing this back in the 1980s!

The way he appears to the world is as a competitive, uncompromising person when it comes to both his gaming life and his personal life. This was particularly true in the way he was represented in the King Of Kong documentary. However, this view is not entirely fair. Whilst it is easy to consider Billy a villain, we should always consider his dedication to games and the way he paved the way for many other professional players to come. His drive to compete and demand the best from other players was legendary. There is a strong case that without Billy and his counterparts in the 80’s, the gaming landscape may be very different today.


After all the games, the hardware, the promises, it all game down to the price. No-one knew what to expect.

Nick Barkl

Nick is the host of Blast Processing. He is an actor, presenter and video editor who also loves jazz music, bad movies and basketball.

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