Handheld Mavericks

An interesting handheld remix of two of the best platformers on the Super Nintendo, Mega Man Xtreme is a good example of how the Game Boy Colour could attempt to replicate experiences from more powerful consoles. It’s not always successful, but there are definitely some impressive elements to the title.

The Game Boy Colour had no hope of reaching the audio visual heights of the Super Nintendo games, but the cleverly redrawn sprites and upbeat soundtrack do a decent job of bringing the spirit of the original titles to the handheld. Add to this a fairly lengthy playtime and Mega Man Xtreme ends up being one of the better platformers on the system. Just don’t expect to be getting rid of your Super Nintendo cartridges any time soon!


It’s startling to see just how much of X1 and X2 they managed to pack into Mega Man Xtreme.

Nick Barkl

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