Beyond Rollerdome

If there was one show that summed up American TV in the early 90’s, it was Rollergames. A bizarre mix of roller derby, wrestling and Gladiators, Rollergames lasted a single season. That didn’t stop Konami from snapping up the rights to create video games based on the franchise. There is a NES version, but it is the arcade release that most accurately represents the original show.

The arcade version of Rollergames allows you to live out your roller derby fantasies with one or two players. It functions like other Konami beat-up-ups, but with a simplified combat system. The trade-off is that both you and your enemies are constantly moving around the track, making it feel quite fresh for the time. There isn’t a ton of depth to the game, but as a quick-fix licensed arcade game it isn’t half bad.


It isn’t much to look at and the music does get grating after a while, but for a short time with a friend this game can be pretty good fun!

Nick Barkl

Nick is the host of Blast Processing. He is an actor, presenter and video editor who also loves jazz music, bad movies and basketball.

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