Endless void

Many early 3D games are held back by poor performance and ugly visuals. Tunnel B1 sidesteps these issues, but it doesn’t really matter when the game itself is so tedious! There is a strong sense of detachment between the excitement promised through the marketing materials and the elaborate introduction to what the gameplay actually delivers. If you think a game all about driving through tunnels sounds thrilling, then this is probably the game for you!

It’s easy to see what the development team was gunning for. The gameplay and perspective are reminiscent of games like Descent and Doom, whilst the controls and aesthetics are similar to WipeOut. The soundtrack is even delivered by the man behind the Turrican soundtrack, Chris Huelsbeck. Tunnel B1 exists as the faint echo of these games – though the final product is much, much less than the sum of its parts!


Tunnel B1 has all the makings of a bona fide hit – on paper, at least!

Nick Barkl

Nick is the host of Blast Processing. He is an actor, presenter and video editor who also loves jazz music, bad movies and basketball.

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