Not so marvel-ous

Released near the end of the 16-bit generation, Separation Anxiety had the chance to be one of the best beat-em-ups of the 90’s. Not only did it feature the popular Spider-Man license, but it was the follow up to one of the best beat-em-ups of the generation in Maximum Carnage. Does it live up to this potential, or is this yet another example of a major license going to waste?

Unfortunately, it is the latter. The gritty graphics and exciting soundtrack of its predecessor are gone. They are replaced by a muddy soundtrack, sterile visual presentation and gameplay that is utterly uninspiring. Separation Anxiety fails to live up to both its rich license and its predecessor. Shame!


Spider-Man deserved better, but I guess that’s just the Parker luck!

Nick Barkl

Nick is the host of Blast Processing. He is an actor, presenter and video editor who also loves jazz music, bad movies and basketball.

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