King Of The Ring

An unholy blend of wrestling and Mortal Kombat, WWF In Your House is one game that can be more fun than it probably deserves! Wrestling games in the late 80’s and early 90’s often suffered from a lack of fluidity and poor controls. In addition, the hardware simply couldn’t offer the flashy presentation that people had become accustomed to when watching matches on TV. Luckily for wrestling fans, Acclaim had Mortal Kombat on the brain and decided to mix it with the WWF to create this Frankenstein’s monster of a game.

WWF In Your House threw this out the window by mixing modern wrestling characters with digitized graphics, snappy arcade gameplay and an over-the-top style that was hugely appealing at the time. The added power of the new consoles also let the developers run wild with the presentation, adding additional graphical effects and voices to help bring the WWF soul into the game. The size and clarity of the wrestlers were also vastly improved over the previous generation’s games. It’s not a classic game, but it’s a hell of a lot better than most of the wrestling games that had come before it!


There is enough dumb fun here to make an afternoon of. Just don’t expect a ‘good’ game!

Nick Barkl

Nick is the host of Blast Processing. He is an actor, presenter and video editor who also loves jazz music, bad movies and basketball.

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