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Master of Darkness Featured 0

Master of Darkness

An 8-bit action platformer with full of ambience and supernatural monsters, Master of Darkness sought to deliver the Gothic horror that Master System owners were craving. Castle-who-now?

Masters of Combat Featured 0

Masters of Combat

One of very few fighting games for the Master System, Masters of Combat was also amongst the best.

James Pond 2 Featured 0

James Pond 2

James Pond 2 (the Amiga version specifically)will always be one of my Christmas traditions. It is drenched in Christmas trappings, from the North Pole setting to the jaunty music.

Cool Spot Featured 0

Cool Spot

There are lots of great platformers from the 16-bit era. Cool Spot doesn’t get as much attention as some of its peers, but it certainly deserves some nevertheless!